Luther joined the KB-One Martial Arts gym in 2021, is a certified Muay Thai Instructor under Kru Mehdi Pouroskoui as of 2023, and is also a CanFit Pro certified Instructor. 

Their athletic beginnings were primarily in team sports - they have played competitive soccer and basketball throughout their teens and adulthood. Luther began weightlifting 12 years ago, with the goal of increasing strength and power which has allowed them to translate it to improving team athletes of various disciplines in strength and agility. They have coached soccer teams and basketball teams in the past and love putting their team through agonizing ladder and sprint drills. Luther’s dance background also lends itself to the necessary element of flexibility training in Muay Thai.

Their approach to exercise always starts with a question - what is it you want your body to be capable of? Coaching at KB ONE is an absolute joy because everyone is there to work hard and challenge their bodies.